Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Savior

I usually don't get on this and write personal experiences of my life but I felt compelled to write a few things that have been on my mind lately.

Matt and I have been going through some things in the last few months has brought us closer then we ever have been. I had an experience in the last month through some of the things we have been dealing with and I would like to share it. It is very personal to me but something worth sharing for my family to read.

At work I have the wonderful opportunity to help others change their lives by teaching them how to eat healthier and lose weight. There are many emotional barriers that people face when trying to lose weight and try to get their life on track. Because of this there are many days were I listen to others express to me the sadness and the pain that has caused them to put on the weight they have.   I try as best as I possibly know how, to listen and give advice on how to overcome dealing with emotional eating and change their behaviors. I love my job don't get me wrong, but some days it can be emotional draining.  In one of my selfish moments over the last few months I was having a hard day.  I  listened to many that day at work that were dealing with their emotions and stress and I was dealing with the emotions and pain that my husband was experiencing.  As I got into my car to drive home from work I broke down. I felt that my needs were not being meet and that my emotions were not being listened to due to the circumstances I was facing. It was in that moment that I realized that I needed to turn to the one person that would fully understand what I was going through, and that was my Savior. I have never prayed so hard for one thing in my life. I needed some peace and understanding of how to deal with what I was going through. Through that prayer the peace came and also something else that I wasn't expecting. I had an impression that no matter how hard my trials seem there is always somebody else out there that is struggling more then I am. Through that prayer I was humbled and I learned that no matter what I was feeling, there is more love of me to give others, especially to my husband.

Through the small trials that Matt and I have been facing over the last few months I have come closer to my Savior then I ever have before. It was at my weakest moment that I found comfort in my Savior. I have learned to be more more humble and selfless.

Just like my Savior my mother has done more for me in the last few months then I think she realizes.I am so grateful for my mother. She is the most amazing friend that anyone could ask for. She is there to listen and love with all of her heart. How lucky I am to have her in my life. My sisters, brother, and I know were specially brought here on this earth to be with her. She understands each one of us so well. She has given so much of herself to each of us. She has taught me how to love.  I love you mother.

I am so grateful for my husband. I have truly never meet another human being that gives so much love to those around him. I have never met someone so patient and forgiving as he his. I am grateful for what life has thrown at us because it has made me more appreciative for the amazing man I married.

I don't know why today I feel so much love and peace more then any other day, but I do. I just have had a moment to reflect on my life in the last little bit and with some sadness and I also have felt so much joy.

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