Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This last week Matt and I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Mexico. It was the honeymoon we never really had and we loved every minute of it!! We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe in Rivera Maya, Mexico. It was a great all inclusive resort with many different pools and a nice beach.

We did a lot of eating:

The food was pretty good and we had unlimited drinks, Matthew was in heaven! 

We watched many sunsets: 

We never did make it up for any of the sunrises! Oh well that's what a vacation is for, sleeping in :)

We were able to see the ruins at Coba with our guide Lemuel: 

We did some adventuring:

We zip lined over crocodile infested water,  fed  the crocodiles, and swam in an underwater cenote. (I am very proud of my zip line excursion, I usually would chicken out). The underwater centoe was absolutely gorgeous with clear blue water!

This picture is funny because I wanted to do the zip line but I was in a skirt, so Lemuel let me use his sons bathing suit for shorts. The only probably was they were way too big, so Matt lent me his belt that we jimmy rigged to get the shorts to stay on! haha I looked pretty funny.

We did some snorkeling and saw some animals:

This man could be snorkeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He loves it! I really started to get the hang  of it by the end of the trip. It was fun!

But mostly we just hung out (the way a vacation should be!):

We played lots of card games, relaxed, talked a lot, and all around had a great time! (I even read two books while I was there. I never read!)

Too sum it up it was paradise and we can't wait to go back!

Thanks Matthew for choosing me to spend all your vacations with! I wouldn't want it any other way!


  1. Lauren! It is so good to catch up with you blog style! Looks like you and Matt have been going on many great adventures! I will add you to our blog list. I liked reading about the awesome workout room and your one year anniversary. I miss running with you. Looks like you have a great running bud yourself. Our blog is PS...I have never met anyone that doesn't LOVE being about you. Epessially the time we spent together. It was so fun to run with you all the time and get to know you way back then. I would tell MATT that HE is the lucky one :)

  2. Lauren so good to hear from you! You are way too sweet. Thanks for being such a good mentor on our cross country team!! I will definitely have to stay in touch with your guys life! Are you still running these days?? You are such a cute mom!